Because I forgot my camera yesterday for the rally, I thought I would pop by Roberta’s vigil and take some photos. I ended up having a quick vent session with her, she on the roof, and me down on the basketball court below. French CBC television was there filming her, and she said she’s had media interviews and film crews by all day. Music to my ears! If there’s one thing that this government reacts to, it’s media coverage!

It was great to talk to her, because I had a chance to vent a little. I get so passionate about this issue, and don’t understand why anyone could be complacent about it. How can people not go out of their way to attend rallies, write letters, call in to radio shows? How can they not participate in this effort?! Would they do something if their own child care centres were the one’s threatened with closing? Don’t they see that all centres are at risk of closing, if they were to lose just one staff member? There’s NO replacements out there. There’s no back up staff to fill vacancies. And here I go…ranting again.

So I had a chance to vent with Roberta, and she was supportive, and incredibly patient for someone who hasn’t eaten in 24 hours. I feel guilty with every bite, and every blast of the radiator! I also feel badly for focusing on the negative. I should know better. I also should quit having expectations, because all it does is leave me feeling dissatisfied and ultimately…bitter. Ew.

I said there was a “meagre” crowd yesterday, and that wasn’t fair. There were 150 people, but to my mind, not enough. I expected to see hundreds of concerned parents, and sure there were some, but not what I expected. Great expectations only lead to greater disappointments.