The temperature seems to have dropped a little today, putting me more in mind of all-things-winter, and it’s come as a bit of a shock. I suppose it could be worse, as there’s no frost, and I can still see the purple of my petunias outside. And having just heard about the early arrival of winter in the Rockies, I should feel grateful that there’s no snow or sub-zero temperatures here.

It’s just that my feet are cold, and I can feel the draft off the windows, and I know it’s only going to get worse. So, now is when all that talk of energy efficiency upgrades we did all summer turns from the right thing to do, to the thing we need to do, so my feet aren’t so cold, and my neck doesn’t feel the draft, and I don’t have to run around cleaning up mold from windows that weep condensation for more than half the year!

We got our appointment this summer with to have an energy audit done in the first week of September. We finally felt we were financially capable of saving up for windows, doors, and insulation. By making these changes, we would get money back in rebates. Of course, within weeks of making our appointment, the BC Government canceled their part of the rebate program, the LiveSmartBC Energy Efficiency Program, which added about $2000 to our upgrading bill. I wrote a letter to my MLA, Ida Chong, voicing my disappointment, and received a response that did nothing to give me hope that they will reinstate the program anytime soon. So much for their Climate Action Plan. Easy come, easy go.

So, with new windows being out of reach this year, we are looking for other ways to save energy, and keep ourselves warm this winter. I had a look at our bill on BC, and as expected our bill shoots up after October each year, and comes back down in April. Typically, now is when I stop using the clothesline, and start using the dryer, which obviously has a major impact on our bill. It rises by about 50%, with the rest of the increase being due to electric heat in the basement. BC Hydro has a link to Rebates and Savings, and I clicked through and discovered a really neat idea, that if we can find room to implement, would save us using the dryer so much over the winter.


What a simple, great idea! I doubt we’ll have the space to accommodate it, but there are other alternatives that make more sense for our teeny little house. Anything will be an improvement over the cheap wire rack we have now, that bends and breaks under the weight of a wet blanket. It’s constantly falling apart, and frustrates even the most devoted energy-saver in our house. I think I’ll take BC Hydro and Sundog Clotheslines up on their 10% off deal.


Of course, this does nothing to warm up the house right now, but I guess I can say that the more we save on electricity, the more we can save towards our goal of new windows, and insulation in the walls and attic. In the meantime, I guess I better go buy myself some more socks and scarves, the energy efficiency upgrades of recession weary 2009.