We had a very busy day today, with gymnastics, and parties for both the kids and adults, but thankfully it all began very slowly. I enjoyed to the fullest a few hours of lounging around drinking hot coffee in my new mug, still in my pj’s, wrapped in blankets on my beautiful couch, kids snuggled into the new chair. It was perfection.

My Mum’s best friend visits a great second hand store in her city every week, and she found me four beautiful, cobalt blue mugs. They match the smattering of good dishes we have, and are the perfect size for a good Sunday morning coffee lie-about. Thanks Marilyn.

I have discovered my own version of the second hand store in the UsedVictoria site. I don’t have time to go to a store anymore, but surf? I can do that at least once a day! I love looking for exactly the right things, and sometimes…it’s pure magic!

I absolutely hit the jackpot in the summer with this amazing couch…


…for $120.

My girlfriend says it was worth thousands new, and I am not surprised. High quality leather, and with the polish the guy threw in with it, I can keep it in good shape.

And then last weekend, I found this chair…


for $150.

It’s become a favourite of mine, Len, the kids, and especially the cat. Cozy, the perfect size to read stories to the kids, and it’s not hard to look at either! Apparently it was from the old Eaton’s store. My Gran used to work for Eaton’s, so that makes it even more perfect.

And there’s so much satisfaction in waiting, watching, and waiting for just the right one to come along. It’s like fishing, except without the outdoors and the killing.

I don’t look for more than one thing at a time, usually. Just set my sights on the one thing I really would like to add to our house, and then when it shows up, I know. Even indecisive me can make a call and commit as a buyer, because I’ve been looking for so long I know exactly what I want. And, because it’s usually the right price, there’s no agonizing over finances!

I think the thing I’m starting to understand about all this waiting for nice things. Because, let’s face it, I’m 35, and finally have living room furniture I like. No one can accuse me of being apart of the instant-gratification generation. I finally get that there’s a reason for all the waiting. Just like Christmas, I have been enjoying all the anticipation, as much as the the celebration itself.

Oh, and about Christmas…

We went to my work’s Children’s Christmas Party today. Santa came, and it was all very exciting. Liam got a little remote control car that was not as immediately appealing as Meghan’s gift, which was a stuffy puppy, in a kennel, with all the veterinary equipment, and accessories to look after a dog.

She hadn’t had him ten minutes, when she came up with a name for her: Sweet Pete. Much like Elliot, Meghan’s baby girl.

…Right. Okay.

As we were loading up the car to go home from the party, Meghan and Liam were having a little discussion about where the dog could sit, and something to do with caring for the dog. Liam said, “Meghan, you’ll see what I mean when I get my dog…”

Ya. Okay. No pressure.

Expectations can be so difficult. I wouldn’t be in this awkward spot of having to prepare my little man for what is likely to be a big disappointment. I’ve already told him Santa doesn’t bring animals. The reindeer can get spooked by them, and there could be an accident. The sleigh goes way too fast, and a puppy would be way too scared, much like our neighbour’s puppy was shivering when we first met her. He remembered how nervous she was from her car ride, and he seemed to accept this explanation at the time. But obviously, the dream is still alive.

Now, if only I could find myself a free dog walker in the neighbourhood! That would be the find of the century!