It seems that unless I abandon sleep, exercise, eating, work, or my family, I am not going to be able to write as much as I’d like. My sister once told me that believe it or not, as the kids get older, you get even busier! I would never have believed it at the time, being as pedal-to-the-metal as I felt I could ever be. Well, we’re working on changing that definition of busy, working very hard at it indeed.

The sad thing is how many times over the last month or so I’ve heard absolute gems from my kids. Blog posts that were practically writing themselves…in my head…and sadly never made it out.

We traveled back to my family in Windermere for Christmas this year, stopping each way for a good visit with Len’s family in the Okanagan. We left on a Saturday morning ferry, and we made it all the way to Saturday night before Meghan fell ill with a terrible fever. She was sick for the entire holiday. Two full weeks of fever, chills, congestion, cough, runny nose, and then the dreaded intestinal ills. The whole family got to share in the experience as well, as one by one, we were brought down by the flu. But none of us suffered nearly as much as poor Megs.

I blame the ferry, because we can’t seem to go to Windermere without Megs coming down with something awful when we get there. Perhaps next time, we’ll stay in the car with a picnic and a movie on the laptop to avoid the germs. I’ll let you know if it brings us success.

She was very pleased with the mini Barbie Princesses (and Prince…”Tom” as she calls him) that Santa brought her. She quietly opened her presents and stocking, commenting on things she was particularly happy to get, all with a satisfied smile on her face.


Liam, on the other hand, was not so quiet. He was the first one up, and came to wake me up before he touched a single present. He had dared to open his stocking, but without tags on things, he was afraid to lay claim to the unwrapped gifts that Santa had left under the tree. He showed me all the things he was pretty sure were his, and finally gave way to excitement when I said that they must be his. He got a quick thrill from the space blasters (or guns…but you know my preference), but they haven’t seen much action since he got home. Perhaps they are only good for when a friends comes to play? The lego, on the other hand, has been played with every day since. And not just by Len!

Santa overlooked the duplication, and brought Meghan two tiny Cinderellas, and only one Prince. So, when Meghan asked me to play Princesses one day, I felt honoured to be included in her imaginative play that usually goes on quietly in her own head, and without any participation from me. She had both Cinderella and the Prince in her hands, and said, “We’re going on our Honeymoon. You stay here.” And she moved the two newlyweds off to dance around on the couch, making them look as if they were waltzing around and around. Me being the other twin Cinderella, I stayed put and petted the horse that was meant to pull the carriage. When Meghan’s Cinderella and Prince returned a few seconds later, she gave me the Prince, and said, “Okay. It’s your turn. You get to have him now.” If she only knew…

Liam was disappointed not to get a Nintendo DS, but we told him that Santa can’t bring it all, and he might just need to be a little older before he gets something like that. He has already said he’d like one for his birthday. The dog never came up. I guess he is perceptive enough to know that that’s a long shot, even for Santa.


He lost his second front tooth, and now has a huge gap where his top front teeth should be. He finally had a haircut when we got home, and if it’s possible looks even cuter. He was apprehensive to get it cut at the glitzy place in the mall, when our usual place was closed, but he did it. All it took was a bubble gum bribe, and he was up on the chair. Meghan took one look at the place, turned on her heel and said, “I am not getting my hair cut here. I don’t like this place.” And that, was that.

I managed to succeed this weekend at another place in the mall. She just about backed out at the last minute, bribe (bubble gum) already in hand, but after a little explaining, a little reassuring, she consented to a trim. I don’t need to say it, but she is beyond adorable. Why have a blog, if you can’t use it to indulge yourself with praise for your own children?

The return to work, school, and daycare has been a bit of a slog for this family. We’ve slept in, missed buses, been late, been really late, and after two weeks finally seem to be getting a grip on reality. The first day back at school, the kids were bounding to the door to welcome me home, full of stories and excitement. By Friday of that first week, they were exhausted and impossible to put to bed without a terrible scene. After almost two full weeks of sleeping in, and disastrous bedtime situations, we finally got them to bed one night before 7:00 PM, and we’ve been gaining ground ever since.

Mornings are a little earlier, and a little easier every day. Bedtime is getting slightly easier each night, with the exception of the annoyance of the endless appetites. They must be in a growth spurt, because they will eat dinner and be ravenous at bedtime, not an hour later. It’s getting lighter every day, and the sun makes such a difference! It’s a shame we can’t all go into a winter hibernation for a month or so.

Len received a big screen television for his birthday from the family, so we’ve spent more time lately watching movies. I suppose this is our version of hibernation. We can’t quite bring ourselves to commit to cable, but it does seem like an eventuality, now that we actually own a TV. The 17″ old computer monitor we were using for the last few years left that temptation out of reach. And now, the idea of easy entertainment is only a phone call away…but really? Do we need anything else to do in our lives? We’re barely keeping up as is! I think a movie on the weekends will likely rule the day, and cable will have to wait until life calms down a little.

I promise the next technological device to be joining this household will be a camera. I will no longer require the generousity of family members to pass along their photos to pepper my blog. I will again be able to rely on my own creative inspiration and keep track of all the rapid change going on chez Kirby. These years are going by in too much of a blur, not to be recorded with a few stories and photos to make me smile when they are all said and done. Of course, now all I need to do is find the time to shop for one!