Well. This is strange, isn’t it? Me writing? Well, don’t take it personally, but I have been writing. Just not here. Sorry.

I am afraid that I’ve been making time for letters to the editor, and letters to Council, communicating, connecting, and collaborating with my Community Association peeps, and there’s just been nothing left for the blog.

But I have to admit, I’ve also been reading. Sunk myself into The English Assassin, Arctic Chill, The Flying Troutmans, Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter, and now The Book Thief. All good reads. All completely different too.

And then there was that two-week Olympics love-in with the new television.


And it gets worse. Now, a complete obsession with Midsommer Murders, and Prime Suspect. Cable has only tempted me for a few hours a week, so far. I don’t know what I’ll do when we have to actually pay for the service though. The six month free trial is likely just enough to ensure a no fail addiction to these shows, so I think they’ve likely got me now.

What I haven’t been doing, while enjoying all this easy entertainment, is all the unfinished projects around the house. So, my dear internet, I am saying here and now, that I will be finished repainting the interior of this house by the end of Spring. It’s just got to happen. I started too long ago to admit. I am not sure what is wrong with me that I can leave a project unfinished this long, but the end is nigh for the living room of three different colours, one running into the next. It must be.

I was hoping that it would all be finished by the time my dear boy returns from his great adventure across the province over Spring Break. He’s not a big fan of change, so I thought it would be best if the transformation happened in his absence. Of course, it hasn’t happened. I thought being one child down might make time for so much more, but alas, it has not. We managed a small expansion of the brick driveway to secure the manhole cover, but not much more.

And really, what am I doing here writing about books, TV, and projects, when really? I just want to tell you how much I’m missing Liam, and wishing he was home already. He’s at Granny and Grampa’s, and in a few short days, has learned to ski and loves it. As much as I’m thrilled to have a new ski buddy, and know that he got something wonderful out of these two weeks off school, I really am missing him. He’ll be home in two more sleeps, but I wish it were sooner.


What I wouldn’t do to gather him up, all elbows and kneecaps that he is, and have a good hug! We took the ferry together to see him off on his great adventure, and he didn’t stop talking the whole ride. I gather he hasn’t stopped talking since he got to Windermere either. He drew pictures for his Aunties on the ferry, and I got the play-by-play of what was going on in the drawing. Always some kind of action, some intricate scenario being played out in his imagination.


His sister is also missing the entertainment, and the guy that makes her laugh the most. Again, like last summer while he was away, Megs has reveled in the attention, but quietly, with only carefully chosen words to make a point. She astounds me with her vocabulary, use of very grown up expressions, and her ability to articulate her thoughts, feelings, emotions, but only when asked. (I promise to run to my laptop and write the next one down, because it kills me that I can’t remember all the gems that come out of her mouth.) She rarely volunteers anything. So completely the opposite of her brother. But still, peas in a pod. And hopefully we’ll have all the peas back in the pod, together where they belong, real soon.